Shark Tooth Necklaces


Respect the Powers of the Sea with a Shark Tooth Necklace

There are many superstitions regarding the ocean. In different cultures, there are different beliefs regarding the powers and the deities dwelling within the sea. If you want a more concrete proof of the strength and formidability of the seas, there is no need to look any further than our books. History has shown how powerful the ocean can be—tsunamis for one, are a very real concept. Fiction has also dabbled on the powers of the sea and the creatures within. From Moby Dick to The Game of Thrones, indeed, the ocean can both be a formidable foe and a gentle guardian.

No matter how brave one is, there is no harm in showing deference to something much bigger than we are. In this case, you can find nothing better to symbolise this than with a shark tooth necklace. Sharks have always embodied strength and power. And so it is just fitting that it be used as an amulet that we may imbibe its powers as well.

Shark Tooth Necklace as Talisman and Tribute

The shark tooth necklace became prominent in the 1970s with the boom of the surfing culture in Hawaii. The surfers and even the locals used these as talismans against evil spirits, accidents, and of course, shark attacks. The shark tooth necklace is also believed to give them strength and good luck when out in the sea.

The shark is also seen as something else aside from being a fearsome creature of the sea. They are also viewed by Hawaiians as incarnations of gods and other higher beings. Besides the belief that a shark tooth necklace can give protection, it is also a way of honouring them.

In other cultures, a shark tooth necklace is also worn by warriors to give them strength. It has also symbolised the dominance of the male form, energy, and masculinity. Whatever the culture and whatever the belief and superstition, they all have one thing in common. A shark tooth necklace is worn to show power and bravery.

Shark Tooth Necklace are Great Accessories

You don’t need to be living in Hawaii to wear a shark tooth necklace. Neither do you have to be a warrior. A good quality shark tooth necklace can be a great every day accessory. It can add a touch of the exotic to your wardrobe. Other than that, it can also be a good conversation piece.

Here at Ice Online Australia, take your pick from our selection of great shark tooth necklace. Wear it as a single necklace or layered with other necklaces. Mix and match! Make it your own and imbibe the powers of a shark tooth necklace.

Be stylish and derive strength all at the same time with a shark tooth necklace. Visit our collection at Ice Online Australia now and choose a shark tooth necklace today!

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