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Find Peace and Fashion with Shamballa Bracelets

These profound cultural bracelets have been gaining a lot of attention from the fashion industry ever since it came out. A lot has fallen in love with the unique overall design of these special bracelets.

Shamballa bracelets make a powerful statement as the wearers assign different meanings to it, be it for spiritual or personal reasons. The trend of assigning different meanings to the Shamballa bracelets definitely came from the myth of where these bracelets originated, in the culture of Tibet. The bohemian feel of these bracelets are what attracts everyone to snag this unique jewellery.

The Shamballa bracelets do look fashionable in every way you look at it. It almost feels like the Shamballa bracelets existed to somehow be a part of the fashion industry. These bracelets are made with different styles, but the standard and most common style of Shamballa is made from a cord and this serves as the base of the bracelet. This cord is tied in special knots called macrame and these knots look like braids and weaves which is then incorporated with different designs such as stones, gems, metals and so much more. The creativity is definitely endless with Shamballa bracelets.

Historical Shamballa Bracelets

One of the main reasons why Shamballa bracelets are welcomed with open arms by the many is because of its beautiful cultural and deep hidden meanings. The word Shamballa carries a heavier meaning than its jewellery function. In Tibet, Shamballa is a mythical kingdom for the Tibetan Buddhists, which is believed to be in the very core and inner Asia. These Tibetan Buddhists consider the Shamballa as their Pure Land where people go when they have achieved a high and outstanding level of integrity in life. Then the Shamballa bands or bracelets were born to honour these ancient prophecies.

Of course, we have the Tibetans to thank for these amazing bracelets but the Kornerup brothers founded the Shamballa bracelets and incorporated these into more fashionable and wearable designs. The Kornerup brothers started in France and after that, they have expanded widely to different countries.

Famous Celebrities Love Shamballa Bracelets

Luckily for Shamballa bracelets, Hollywood stars have recognised their beauty. Now, this does not mean that the value or worth of certain things are based on the liking of celebrities. What we mean by this is because of the Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Orlando Bloom, Tina Turner, and many more, Shamballa bracelets have gained great media and fashion exposure for people to recognise.

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