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Functional and Fashionable: Sekonda Watches

Sekonda has been one of the most popular watch brands in the world, and why wouldn't it be? Each Sekonda watch is proven to be classic, and strong enough to withstand the tests of time. Before releasing the watches, Sekonda makes them undergo rigorous testing and designing, using none other than top quality material. This assures customers that their watches will signify their exquisite taste.

Sekonda Watch Designs

Each Sekonda watch is intricately styled, crafted and designed to meet the preference of their customers. Sekonda watches have various collections, which include sleek, sophisticated and minimalist designs, as well as for functional, tough and stainless steel designs. Indeed, there's always a Sekonda watch perfect for every day and every occasion.

Sekonda watches offer beautiful, clean and elegant designs for both the ladies and the gentlemen. They offer gold and silver plated bracelets for their dashing, timeless and intricately designed watches.

For the ladies, some designs are even beautifully embellished with stunning diamonds or even sold as a set that effortlessly matches the classic watches.

For the gentlemen, aside from the gold and silver straps, they also offer high quality leather straps. Their stainless steel model is always very popular with the gentlemen because often, these types of watches are water resistant.

Wide selection of Sekonda watches at Ice Jewellery

The Editions collection offers round and a thinly plated case for its watches. The designs are very minimal, yet delivers a very sophisticated and elegant touch to any look. The collection adds a very luxurious twist to the traditional watch.

Meanwhile, the Xpose collection is the perfect watch for anyone who loves having an active lifestyle. With Sekonda Xpose watches, you won't need to worry about scratching or ruining your watch when doing physical activities. Sekonda's Xpose watches are designed to fully withstand any difficult activity, and it is even water resistant for up to 50 meters.

Finally, Sekonda's Crystalla watches are a definite must have for any woman. The Crystalla collection offers nothing but that extra shimmer and glamour to your evening looks. Sekonda's Crystalla watches serve not only as a functional watch but as the ultimate fashion accessory to any important and stylish event. Each watch is studded with beautiful and top quality stones and crystals to truly accentuate your fabulous look for an event, gala, or ball.

There are plenty of other collections that Sekonda watches have to offer because the brand knows that with any important date, meeting or event, there should always be a perfect watch to fit the occasion.

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