Seiko Watches


Treasure Time with Seiko Watches

Timekeeping has never been this good with Seiko. For over 130 years in the watch making industry, Seiko watches have already proven that its magical attraction is timeless. A living legacy, Seiko is even the first brand to introduce the Quartz-powered watch to the public, an innovation of accuracy and reliability.

Seiko Watches: The Humble Beginnings

The name Seiko was first used on watch dials in 1924, and had been officially used since the founding of the Daini Seikosha Co. in 1937. From then on, Seiko continued to produce Seiko-branded watches until it launched the Grand Seiko brand in 1960, specialising in men's watches.

Seiko also introduced the first titanium dive watch, waterproof up to 600m. This and many other achievements came true from what was just a hopeful dream. Today, even the watch movements of the brand Erhard Junghans are also produced by Seiko.

Why Choose a Seiko Watch among Many Other Timepieces?

It is because Seiko is the leading high-quality wristwatch manufacturer in the world. Because of extraordinary craftsmanship, it has produced beautiful and creative designs that have contributed to the great popularity of the brand. Each watch becomes a unique specimen, showing immaculate transparency in details and intricacy. It also became more and more illustrious for its innovations in watch-making techniques.

Also, it is packed with Hardlex crystal, a mineral that serves as your watches' shield. Seiko crafts the interiors of every watch to build enough protection from potential scratches of the inner parts. With this, you are assured that your precious possession is protected from shock, sunlight, and other types of damages.

Seiko Watches Australia: Building Dreams for Eternity

Connect to the world with your Seiko watch! Seiko Watches Australia has an assortment of timepieces that serve people in different countries worldwide. Their elegant and sleek designs are real attention-catchers. The watches carry beautiful and creative designs that have contributed to the great popularity of the brand.

Even more so, Seiko allows you to jump from being highly fashionable to sporty, to being classic again in just a short time. Though considered a luxury watch store, you can immediately tell that all the money you will spend is always worth the investment.

Ice Jewellery's Prime Seiko Watches

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