Sapphire Rings


Sapphire Rings: Elegant Choice for your Most Special Person

Purity, loyalty, and trust are what signify sappheiros, or sapphire. Sapphire rings are impressive gifts to a loved one, the gemstone being one of the most popular and elegant choices among the other gemstones of the world. Sapphire has an alluring blue colour, remarkable clarity, and enduring hardness. It is the birthstone of those who are born in September.

Wearing Sapphire Rings: What it Means

In the language of gems, sapphire is considered as a pledge of loyalty and trust. This is the reason why sapphire rings are considered as perfect engagement rings. They are a symbol of one's desire to marry another, to be loyal to her, and to love her for the rest of her life. A woman who receives a ring with sapphire stone should feel like a royalty. It will be her constant reminder of the great and enduring love of the man who gave this ring.

Sapphire Rings are Not Only Blue

Let go of the notion that sapphire is synonymous to blue. Although blue is the most popular colour, the gemstone may also be colourless, grey, or black. There are also yellow and green sapphires, orange and brown ones, as well as pink and red.

Characteristics of a Sapphire

Sapphires are tough, hard, and stable. After diamonds, they are considered as the hardest mineral. They are considered unique because they don't have an ideal cut, which means the stone can be cut in unlimited number of ways, the most common are round, oval, and cushion cuts.

If the sapphires are well cut, they will show their best colour, lustre, and brilliance. For lighter colour tones, they have to be cut deeper to add dimension and intensity. Therefore, if you have a darker sapphire colour, it should be cut shallower. This will allow more light to shine in the gemstone, thereby softening and brightening its colour.

The most valued quality of sapphire is its clear, even colour. The more bright and vivid the blue, the more valuable it is. As mentioned, to bring out the unique characteristics of sapphire, a personalised cut is the key. There are no ideal cuts of this gemstone so every crystal must be customised to bring out the gem's brilliance and colour. This means that if the sapphire is well cut, it displays its beautiful colour while at the same time, its lustre and brilliance are enhanced.

Buying Sapphire Rings and Other Pieces

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