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Complete Guide to Sapphire Engagement Rings

If you search sapphire engagement rings on Google, two of the most interesting results are the smiling faces of Kate Middleton and Princess Diana. These royals are considered icons when it comes to sapphire engagement rings.

Sapphires are highly valued gems. More commonly associated with the colour blue, sapphire comes in different shades and cuts. It comes from the mineral corundum and scores 9 in the Mohs Scale of Hardness. It is the second most resilient gem in the planet, second to diamond, of course. Sapphire can be found in different countries around the globe, including Australia, Sri Lanka, and the USA.

Sapphire engagement rings are one of the most sought after rings because they are stunning and amazingly durable.

What to Consider When Choosing Sapphire Engagement Rings

As long as engagement ring is the concern, colour is always one of the considerations. The colour of a ring usually depends on the preference of the recipient. Sometimes, it depends on the colour of the gem.

In the case of sapphire, people would often associate it with blue. Although blue is a captivating colour for sapphire engagement rings, the gem can also be found in other colours such as slight green, strong green, slight purple, or strong purple. Each colour differs in hue, tone, and saturation.

The most desirable and most expensive of all colours is cornflower blue. It is named after cornflower because it is one of the few elegant flowers which is known to be purely blue. The closer the gem's colour is to cornflower blue, the more expensive sapphire engagement rings get.


Sapphires, like any other gems, have their own fair share of inclusions or imperfections. If a sapphire has absolutely no inclusions, it could either be fake or treated. If a sapphire has fewer inclusions, it will surely have a higher price tag.


Sapphires have no standardised cuts unlike diamonds. However, an 'ideally cut' sapphire should exhibit a fantastic colour while enhancing lustre and brilliance. To get a well-cut sapphire, a gem in a very dark colour will be cut shallower to let it reflect more light. This will result to a brighter sapphire colour.


Comparing it to diamonds, sapphires weigh heavier. That is why sapphire engagement rings are smaller than one carat diamond rings. A carat of sapphire generally measures 6mm.

Caring for Sapphire Engagement Rings

No matter how wonderful a ring is, it cannot be appreciated well if it is not maintained and cleaned. Cleaning sapphire engagement rings are easy. It can be done with warm water and a bit of dishwashing liquid with degreasing ingredients. Moisturisers and abrasives are a no-no because they leave a residue. Gently scrub the ring with a soft-bristled brush, rinse, and dry.

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