Ruby Earrings


Crystallising Beauty with Ruby Earrings

Ruby is one of the fame and fabled four precious gemstones. It is a sought-after gem because of its lustre, durability, hardness, and rarity. Ruby is highly valued for centuries because of its superior Mohs scale hardness of nine (9). Sharing the limelight with emerald, sapphire, and diamond, rubies treasure a rich red hue and an eternal gleam transcending from generation to generation.

Ruby earrings and other accessories are generally expensive in comparison to jewellery pieces with semi-precious stones. Transparent rubies are rare and can even fetch higher prices than equally sized diamond pieces. Price of ruby earrings are primarily determined by colour. The brightest shade of bloody red dictates a hefty value over other rubies of similar quality.

In ancient Sanskrit, ruby is called ratnaraj, which means the king of precious stones. Unlike diamonds that are more precious when eye-clean, ruby earrings must display needle-like inclusions to be found natural. But since impurities may diminish the brilliance of ruby, they should be slightly pre-polished to transform into large clean gemstones that are rare and exceptionally valuable.

The Special Allure of Ruby Earrings

There is something utterly enticing to the fiery facade of ruby earrings. For a thousand years, it has been a symbol of passion and great taste. Ruby is a fine substance that can be worn daily as rings, earrings, necklaces and other forms of body ornament. Made to be tough and durable, rubies do not require any special care.

Associated with supremacy and bravery, ruby earrings are a powerful choice to be with you in every special occasion. People born in July are not the only ones entitled to ruby-based jewellery. It can also be a fine present to friends you love and treasure the most. In whatever design, it is significantly lovely and romantic. Giving dainty ruby earrings is the best way to show your deep care.

Your Everyday Affair with Precious Ruby Earrings

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