Rose Gold Watches


The Unique Radiance of Rose Gold Watches

The precious metal gold is more often known to come in two options; there’s the more obvious yellow gold, and the silvery shimmer of white gold. But not many people are aware that gold actually comes in a range of colours. If there would be a close runner-up to the more common yellow gold and white gold, it would be that of rose gold. Rose gold has become more popular that it can now be seen it almost all types of jewellery --- rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and even in watches.

The Story Behind Rose Gold Watches

The origin of rose gold can be traced back to over two hundred years ago, back to the 1800s where the Russians experimented with the odd coloured gold during production of jewellery. Because of its Russian roots and the massive production in Russia, rose gold was originally called as Russian gold. But then, as the trends evolved, Russians eventually moved on to other kinds of jewellery, and such lost its affinity with Russia. The precious jewel was then renamed to rose gold.

Renowned company Cartier was the one responsible for making rose gold known globally. It started when they launched “Trinity de Cartier” or the Cartier Trinity ring. It was called as such because it was the combination of three shades of gold – yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, formed in an intricate design. It was a French filmmaker, Jean Cocteau who brought the unique ring to fame when he wore two of it.

The 1920’s saw the rose gold being used in various forms of jewellery, watches included. But by the end of the 20th century, the clamour for rose gold died down. But only to be brought back alive by the 21st century, where jewellers sought for unique designs and rose gold was one of those that became popular. And ever since, rose gold’s fame never waned.

Why Rose Gold Watches

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to designer watches, but if you want the unique radiance of this certain unique shade of gold, you should opt for rose gold watches. Rose gold watches are actually very elegant and versatile, they can be worn for special occasions and casual gatherings as well. Rose gold watches are not that common so you’ll be sure to stand out if you’re seen wearing one. It’s a great conversation piece as well.

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