Rose Gold Necklaces


Rose Gold Necklaces: Surprise Jewellery Trend of the Decade

If you are shopping for jewellery, then most probably you have already noticed how rose gold necklaces have sprung out of nowhere. And why shouldn't they be? This pink-hued metal is the perfect accessory for romantic weddings and engagement parties. Hence, the increased sales of rose gold rings and rose gold necklaces.

In fact, fashion maven Lauren Conrad was seen sporting the rose gold jewellery trend by wearing her round-cut solitaire engagement ring in rose gold. Katie Holmes wore a diamond engagement ring in rose gold in 2008. Ryan Reynolds gave fiancee Blake Lively an oval-cut engagement ring set in rose gold. In more recent news, Teen Vogue recently published an article declaring rose gold as The New Metal in Town.

The Development of Rose Gold Necklaces

The rose gold jewellery of today was slightly different from the rose gold of yesteryears. Today's rose gold is softer and more of a blush pink in colour. During the 70s and 80s, rose gold meant more reddish and coppery in colour. The trend is so popular these days that rose gold can be seen in charms, bracelets, rings and watches, among other things. But perhaps the most overlooked rose-coloured accessories are rose gold necklaces. Don't underestimate, though, what a rose gold necklace can do to spruce up an outfit.

This trend has become popular because of rose gold's seemingly agreeable nature - it can be paired with other jewellery without looking gaudy or overdone. You can mix and match or layer your pieces effortlessly. Match your rose gold necklaces with pendants encrusted with cognac or canary diamonds. The gemstone's colour will really pop when contrasted with the rose gold.

The rose gold trend is perfect for the simple, practical woman who understands the beauty of understated elegance and subtlety. The feminine, romantic colour with a subtle metallic touch looks great and is flattering on any skin tone. Additionally, rose gold is a cheaper alternative to white or yellow gold. It is best paired with soft pastels and neutral-themed outfits, as well as a stack or layers of other jewellery such as white or yellow gold.

How to wear your Rose Gold Necklaces

Match your rose gold necklaces with dark coloured gemstones as pendants. The perfect candidate would be smoky quartz, as it lends the whole piece with a rich, autumn vibe. Coral and peach beads or gemstones would also accentuate the rosy tint of the rose gold.

Another way to wear rose gold is the mixed metals trend - this is where, as the name implies, you mix metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and gunmetal with rose gold for that funky vibe.

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