Rose Gold Bracelets


Rose Gold Bracelets: The Perfect Holiday Gift

If you are already shopping for the holiday gift you would like to give to family, friends, or for that special someone, rose gold bracelets would just be the thing. Rich in symbolism, rose gold is a kind of coloured gold made from different combinations of gold alloy and copper. The copper metal lends the gold its pinkish hue, making it a very popular accessory for romantic and feminine jewellery. So the more copper is used in the making of the jewellery, the stronger the hint of the rose colour is. The most common combination used is 75% gold and 25% copper.

History of rose gold bracelets

Another name for rose gold is Russian gold, as its demand was huge in this country during the 1800s. It was popularly used in Russian engagement and wedding rings. In recent times, rose gold has become more popularly in other forms of jewellery such as rose gold bracelets and watches.

Celebrities have been recently spotted wearing rose gold jewellery, such as LeAnn Rimes who was seen sporting a rose gold oval engagement ring. The reason for the popularity of rose gold jewellery, such as rose gold bracelets and rings, is its ability to set off and enhance the beauty of gemstones when used as a setting.

Gemstones that have pink undertones to it would be the perfect accompaniment to rose gold bracelets, such as pink amethyst, morganite, pink sapphires, and ametrine. If you would rather go for something classic, use white sapphire or white topaz as a setting for your rose gold bracelets.

Pros of wearing rose gold bracelets

Rose gold radiates warmth. It is a warm colour that is flattering for any skin tone and blends with most gemstone colours. It also provides great contrast when paired with sterling silver, white gold, and platinum jewellery. If you are looking for a no-nonsense approach when it comes to buying jewellery for women, choose rose gold because it is fool-proof. You simply can't go wrong with it.

How to wear rose gold bracelets

When buying other stuff to accentuate your rose gold jewellery, choose copper-plated accessories. Copper rings or earrings will look great with your rose gold bracelets. This will give your outfit a rustic and vintage feel to it. If you want to maintain that feminine aura, keep it put together by matching your rose gold bracelets with feminine colours such as blush, peach, mint green, and other pastel colours.

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