Peridot Rings


One of a Kind Jewellery in Peridot Rings

Are you looking for an elegant yet unique jewellery? Something that is out of the ordinary yet still tasteful and sophisticated enough for everyday wear? Then choose amongst our collection of exquisite peridot rings here at Ice Jewellery Australia.

Peridot is a gemstone that is olive green in colour'”something that is very rare in the gem world. The intensity of the green colour varies from gem to gem. It is dependent on the iron content of the gem so you can never have peridot rings that look exactly the same. However, the most sought after and valuable colour of peridot rings would be of a dark olive green tinge. If you are looking for a unique jewellery for yourself or something to give to a special someone, you cannot go wrong with peridot rings.

A Pop of Colour with Peridot Rings

Coloured gemstones are a very fun alternative to the more classic and subdued kinds of jewellery. This though, does not diminish their value or elegance in any way. Jewellers and designers sometimes go all out when handling and designing jewellery with coloured gemstones. Imaginations and innovations run wild when coloured gemstones are in the picture.

Peridot rings could be a very enjoyable way to add a pop of colour to your everyday wardrobe. Wear it singly, stacked or on several fingers, peridot rings can instantly become the centrepiece of your outfit. If you think that coloured gemstones, specifically peridot rings, are more fashion jewellery than actual ones, you are mistaken. It all depends on how you wear and carry peridot rings. Here at Ice Jewellery Australia, you can go crazy with our selection of peridot rings.

Stand Out with Peridot Rings

Here at Ice Jewellery Australia, we carry a selection of peridot rings that can be both fun and elegant. Pair your peridot rings with an all-black outfit and you will definitely become the talk of the party. Choose from our peridot rings set in sterling silver or white gold. Mix it up with peridot rings that are also combined with other brilliant and coloured gemstones like amethyst, garnet, and topaz. Stack them all up for a more eclectic feel.

If you like a more subdued kind of peridot rings, then go for our peridot rings with brilliant diamonds. The choices are endless when it comes to peridot rings. But whatever your tastes are, you will surely fall in love with our selection of peridot rings.

Give your outfit (or your day) that pop of colour it needs. Browse our online catalogue at Ice Jewellery Australia for your exquisite peridot rings.