Peridot Earrings


Peridot Birthstone Meaning

The modern August birthstone, this unique green stone has been a valuable and prized jewellery stone since ancient times. One of the only stones that only come in green, a Peridot's particular shade of green depends on its source. Available in many shapes and sizes, Peridot exhibits added sparkle and stunning brilliance when the gem has been cut well. Good quality Peridot will have no markings or inclusions visible to the naked eye. This beautiful gem is usually found in parts of the US, China and Vietnam.

Peridot is associated with strength and balance and is believed to bring peace, good health and adequate rest. It is also thought to boost and strengthen creativity and enrich your mood. Peridot gems have calming effect on the wearer, and when used as a necklace, they become a protector against negative emotions. 

Stand Out with Peridot Earrings

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If you like a more subdued kind of peridot earring, then go for our peridot earrings with brilliant diamonds. The choices are endless when it comes to peridot earrings. But whatever your taste is, you will surely fall in love with our selection of peridot earrings.

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