Pearl Rings


Pearl Rings: How they become So Coveted

The word 'pearl' is being used nowadays to refer to someone or something of great worth, for something rare and hard-to-find. Because that's what they are, pearls are very rare and considered as natural gems or treasures of this earth.

The occurrence of natural pearls are extremely rare, they are harvested the wild. The formation of pearls is a result of oysters and mussels enclosing a foreign object, like a grain of sand or a pebble, with nacre, a protective covering. There are two types of pearls formed, either freshwater or saltwater, both of which may be natural or cultured.

Mussels found in lakes and rivers result to freshwater pearls, and these are found in various countries such as the United States. Saltwater pearls, which the more popular kind, are more costly compared to the freshwater ones. The more in demand and popular saltwater pearls are the Tahitian pearls and the Akoya Japanese pearls. The Tahitian pearls are sought after due to their assortment of colours and superior quality.

Natural pearls used in jewellery are now a thing of the past. More often than not, pearls are cultured or farmed, in a similar way as that of natural pearls. However, nowadays, pearl farmers plant the seed in freshwater mussels and pearl oysters intentionally.

Pearl Rings as Engagement Rings

Pearls stood for a number of reasons throughout history. For the Romans, pearls symbolised the moon, and thus a powerful source. For the early Christians, pearls were a symbol of innocence and purity. In Europe during the Medieval times, only the rich were able to wear pearls because of its high cost. Pearls were referred to as the stone of sincerity as it was believed to stand for charity, innocence, loyalty, faith, integrity, perfection, harmony, and purity.

In the past, pearl rings were very common as engagement rings and wedding rings, compared to today. Up until the 19th century, pearl rings as engagement rings were the common preference in America and Europe, before diamonds became abundant.

Pearls come in various shapes and forms, from circles to tear-shaped. The most in demand and most valued shape is the one that perfectly round and the one usually used for the coveted pearl rings.

Since engagement rings and wedding rings are precious and meant for momentous occasions, only the best quality pearl rings should be used. These can be judged based on the following criteria: their nacre size and thickness, roundness, lustre, smoothness, and the perfection of the round shape that has been naturally moulded.

The most common pearl rings are the white pearl rings. But pearl rings also come in a wide array of colours, and the next colour in demand after white are the black pearl rings.

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