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About Pearl Necklaces at Ice

What do Jackie O and Marge Simpson have in common? That's right, a pearl necklace. Wow. That these two are both associated with the same item of jewellery says a lot about of strand of pearls. As in the definition of versatile. Perfect for an outing on the yacht. Fabulous in the kitchen. Pearl necklace, is there anywhere you look out of place? (Um, no.)

The single strand is a must-have jewellery box item, but don't stop there. How about that double strand necklace? Looks great. Want to add a little colour? Why yes, Ice carries pink pearl necklaces (and black and brown and green pearls too). Something a little different in mind? Gold beads, Swarovski crystals and aquamarine chips are just a few ways we've got of spicing up a string of pearls here at Ice. Spice, we might add, at a very good price.