Pearl Jewellery


Inside an Oyster: Pearl Jewellery

Pearls are one of the most unique and highly priced gems in the world. Akoya, saltwater pearls, come from oysters while freshwater pearls come from molluscs. Since time immemorial, pearls are symbols of status and influence. Today, pearls remain as a figure of elegance. Just look at Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, and see how pearls make her look like a million-dollar lady.

Pearls can be worn in many ways and styles. When targeting pearl jewellery, one must know how to wear each piece in order to beautifully exhibit the sophistication that every pearl brings.

How to wear a pearl ring

Wearing pearls is a form of making a statement. Including a pearl ring into your outfit is a way to show the strengths and capabilities of an independent woman. However, pearls should be worn properly depending on its style.

For instance, cocktail pearl ring is usually designed with a single large pearl at the centre of the ring. It is often surrounded with gems or other metal designs. A cocktail ring is a luxurious accessory during fancy parties and formal events.

A solitaire pearl ring is another style. It appears simpler than cocktail rings but is no less alluring, with a single pearl atop a plain silver band. Because of its subtle elegance and classic character, a lot of men choose solitaire rings to offer as engagement ring.

A multiple-stone ring has a different style. It usually pairs pearl with other gems and line them beautifully. This is a versatile style of ring which allows it to be worn daily in whatever outfit and circumstance.

When pearl earrings are perfect

Earrings are another important piece of pearl jewellery. Because of the high lustre of pearls, they can reflect light onto one's face. There are 2 ways to wear pearl earrings: as a stud, and as dangling.

Pearl stud is a classic style which can be elegantly worn in any event. A pair of pearl studs can easily and sublimely go with a suit, a dress, or even jeans. On the other hand, dangling pearl earrings work best for evening affairs. Dangling earrings elongates the face and is perfect for women with oval, round, or heart face shape.

Pearl necklace: a strand of elegance

Like rings and earrings, there are different ways to wear a pearl necklace.

A pearl collar which consists of several layers of strands of pearls is ideal for V-neck and off-shoulder tops. A pearl choker is more versatile because it complements any neckline well. A princess pearl necklace is 17 to 19 inches long and is a perfect pair for high and plunging necklines. An opera necklace is longer. It usually falls just below the bust line and may be tied in a knot. The longest is the rope necklace which is more than 36 inches in length. It is usually worn severally, tied in a knot, or looped.

Pearls are a classic. Check out Ice Jewellery Australia's collection of pearl jewellery and exude elegance wherever, whenever you go!