Pearl Drop Earrings


Complement Your Look With Pearl Drop Earrings

Pearl drop earrings are an easy wear when you want to glam up for a formal party, such as a business event, a graduation ball, or a wedding. They also suit almost any kind of outfit, and you can even choose to add matching adornments or keep it minimal.

But did you know the lore that surrounded pearls for a long time? They were once believed to be the teardrops of the moon or at least, that they were likened to such a thing. However, observing someone wearing pearl drop earrings is not akin to seeing that imagery. It does not actually make one cry, but just has a mellow feel and quiet elegance to it.

There are several things you can consider separately or together when you choose to accessorise with single pearl drop earrings:

Tone it down with pearl drop earrings

Pearl drop earrings have a way of calming the senses, perhaps because the gemstone used is harvested from creatures of the sea oysters and molluscs. It can tone down the design of a dress that has a lot of things going on, such as sequins or tulle folds.

Neutralise your look with pearl drop earrings

Likewise, you can hook those pearl drop earrings to emphasise your beautiful ears without going overboard. You can have the pair on over lace, even sequins and tulle, and still look every bit regal.

Enhance your neckline with pearl drop earrings

Another consideration is the neckline of your top or dress. Here are three styles to partner with those lovely sea ornaments so you can add lustre to your look:


You can opt to go bare, your shoulders being the centre of attraction while the pearl drop earrings accentuate that body part. You can also pick a matching pearl necklace to wear, just like the princesses in those movies, and go for all-out sophistication.


Putting on a halter top or dress is a good move when you want to show a bit of your chest and shoulders. It is recommended to leave that area as is, and to let the pearl drop earrings work their wonders just dangling up there.


It often depends on how close the round neckline is to your chin or jaws. But aside from donning the pearl drop earrings, this is your best chance to bring that pearl necklace out of the jewellery box. Make sure the ones you're wearing on your ears have matching or complementary pearls.

If you don't have such pair, worry not! Ice Jewellery has an array of pearl drop earrings from choice origins. View our other pearl accessory listings and shop today!