Opal Heart


Shine With The Sophisticated Glamour Of The Opal Heart

Necklace pendants are designed and curated with the wearer in mind. Different stones convey special meanings. The stone cut and shape also reflect the personality and style of the wearer. Of the different gemstone jewelleries in the world, the opal heart pendant and necklace exude a sophisticated form of glamour and beauty perfect for any young lady or stylish woman.

The gorgeous opal heart pendant is a symbol of love, style and class all in one. The 1 1/5 Carat Opal Heart Pendant has a heart-cut opal and round white diamond set in a sterling silver base, hung on a cable chain and secured with a spring clasp.

The Opal Heart Pendant Is Perfect For Any Occasion

Opal is one of nature's most vivid stones. Shakespeare even calls it "that miracle, and queen of gems" in the Twelfth night. This precious gem has the ability to display all the colours of the spectrum because of its interactions with passing light. Depending on the angle of the viewer, the Opal Heart can show a bright rainbow or a solid white colour.

The playful range of colour makes it the perfect jewellery for any occasion. It can blend in with any outfit, from daytime wear to special nights out. Fashionable people who love to dress in minimalist clothes and muted outfits can wear the Opal Heart as a key statement piece.

With a heart-shaped cut, the Opal Heart also conveys colourful love and beauty. It's a great piece to add to your wardrobe. It's also the perfect gift for the people you love in your life.

At Ice Online, you can enjoy the glamour of the Opal Heart with a 1.22 carat opal gem and 0.004 carat diamond stones in the setting.

Experience the Beauty Of The Opal Heart

Opal is one of the best among all the precious gemstones you can choose from. Aside from its excellent properties, opal is also the national gemstone of Australia.

The Opal Heart is a great pendant necklace that can last a long time. Ice Online offers this sophisticated piece with free post shipping and 12-month warranty. With the Opal Heart Pendant Necklace, you can proudly shine for any occasion.

Ice Online provides a wide range of pendants, necklaces, rings, and other jewellery made from the best gemstone cuts and designs. Here at Ice Online, you're guaranteed a great customer experience. Purchase the 1.2 Carat Opal Heart Pendant today and experience its natural and sophisticated glamour that is sure to add life to any outfit.

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