Opal Earrings


Mystic Powers of Opal

Opal is a classic gemstone that has been around for centuries. Derived from the Greek word "Opallios", meaning "to see a change of colour", the Opal is the birthstone of the month of October. There are hundreds of colour varieties of this stone, the Opal is characterised by its translucence and its colour palette, with a more precious Opal displaying flashing colours against neutral coloured background. A stunning gemstone for any piece of jewellery, the Opal stone is usually found in Queensland or New South Wales in Australia. 

The Opal gemstone is historically known to boost self-worth, confidence and self-esteem, which in turns help you fulfil your full potential. The Opal also represents justice and harmony, and is a protective stone in dangerous places. This stone is known as a protector, and is supposed to absorb negative or harmful vibrations from those around you. Opal should be worn close to the heart, to empower its many benefits to the wearer.

This stone is not just a pretty face!

How to stand out with Opal Earrings

Here at Ice Jewellery Australia, we carry a selection of opal earrings that can be both fun and elegant. Pair your opal earrings with an all-black outfit and you will definitely become the talk of the party. Choose from our opal earrings set in sterling silver or white gold. Mix it up with opal earrings that are also combined with other brilliant and coloured gemstones like amethyst, garnet, and topaz.

If you like a more subdued kind of opal earring, then go for our opal earrings with brilliant diamonds. Stack your opal earrings with a more simple silver or gold necklace to create a unique look. The choices are endless. But whatever your taste is, you will surely fall in love with our selection of opal earrings

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