THOMAS SABO: A Reinvent-Your-Jewellery-Box Agent

Surprise, surprise! Ice Jewellery Australia sure knows what you need and more. Our new collection of THOMAS SABO jewelleries proves that it truly deserves a large amount of spotlight. THOMAS SABO jewelleries range from bracelets to rings to watches that all together scream the epitome of classy. Wearing each piece of wonder can definitely complete any #OOTD!

Be sure to check out every item on the list - each one you surely wouldn't want to miss!

Dominancy of Black and Zirconia, the THOMAS SABO Way

In the 21st century, we have witnessed the shifting of trends of varying hues and patterns, and we have to admit that while becoming a trend can easily be done, staying as a trend is a different story. Good news is, the new THOMAS SABO collection has stepped up the game especially in the line of the colour black and the crystalline zirconia.

The colour black, as all of us can honestly affirm, has been more popularised now especially by the youth more than ever. On the other hand, zirconia is known to be a flawless and very appealing type of crystalline, so just imagine the grandeur look when black and zirconia mix together! Oh wait, scratch that there is actually no need for imagining now, because THOMAS SABO already laid out a mesmerising line of peculiarly-designed accessories in front of us to go giddy over.

There are linked rings that can be the perfect go-to piece for an after-school rock gig. The undoubtedly presence-grabbing Onyx Tooth Talisman Black Cubic Zirconia Pendant, on the other hand, will never ever let you down if you wish to win in a certain birthday present-giving season. Oh, here's a warning: the Tribal Hook Black Cubic Zirconia Pendant will make you forget about budgeting your money. You wouldn't get your eyes off it in a good way!

THOMAS SABO Doesn't Forget Silver (Of Course)

Because why would it? Ice Jewellery Australia does its work on keeping the magic of silver alive. Silver has long been valued as a precious metal, and I bet almost every woman on the planet would want to get a hold of the opportunity to wear its preciousness in the best possible way. Lucky for you, you can make the most out of sparkle of silver through wearing THOMAS SABO charm bracelets and rings oval and band. Picture yourself prettified by these pieces under the moonlight, when you're holding a glass of champagne and the world at the palm of your hands.