Engravable Necklaces


Our range of Engravable Necklaces

At Ice Jewellery Australia, we have an extensive range of engravable necklaces to suit any picky person's needs. Simply use the textbox in the product page and add your desired engraving in. We have a wide range of materials such as gold, silver and rose gold. Furthermore, we stock a range of shapes and sizes to suit every need. 

Why choose an engravable necklace?

Well you're wondering why you should buy an engravable necklace right? Well they're a perfect gift for a friend, family member or a partner, as they are fully customisable and they are a one of a kind piece of jewellery. All of our engravable products are made made with high quality and ensure they will last a lifetime. 

What to put on an engravable necklace?

Wondering what to put on an engravable necklace? It depends on who you're buying this engravable necklace for. If this is a gift for yourself, then a quote or an inspirational text is a great idea. This will keep you reminded of this quote and potentially inspire you every time you look down at your engraved necklace. If this engraved necklace is for a loved one, then your initials or a combination of both can be a great idea. Alternatively, a date for a special wedding anniversary or a special moment shared together can be engraved for the perfect memory. Each piece of jewellery has different engraving lengths depending on the side of the item so be sure to check the length before deciding on an engraving.

Our pick of the bunch

Our pick of the bunch engravable necklace is the THOMAS SABO Engravable Bar. This necklace is perfect as it's a simple choice but you can engrave up to 12 characters, giving you so many options to fully personalise a necklace. Alternatively, you can pick any of our THOMAS SABO engravable star sign pendants for a really customisable choice.