Name Necklaces


Express Your Style and Personality With A Name Necklace

The best gifts in life are unique and truly personal. If you're shopping for the perfect gift to give to your best friend, sister, or colleague, then the Name Necklace should be a top pick. It's a great piece of jewellery to add to your personal wardrobe.

Name Necklaces have been around for a long time. Here at Ice Jewellery, we offer the best selection of styles, high quality materials, and customisation options.

Unique Name Necklaces To Choose From

With a variety of fonts and even different language systems to choose from like Chinese and Arabic, you can truly personalise the look and feel of your Name Necklace.

One of the most popular necklace designs is the 18k Gold-Plated Carrie-Style Name Necklace. The Carrie-style font and design was made famous by Sex and the City. This high quality necklace boasts of an 18k gold-plated Sterling Silver Box Chain. It also comes in smaller sizes and 9K versions.

Another favourite classic is the 18k Gold-Plated Cursive Name Necklace. It also comes in a non-plated Sterling Silver version. This beautiful necklace has an elegant size that can delicately fit over anyone's neck. The cursive font gives it a timeless and classic appeal.

There are fun designs to choose from as well, such as the Sterling Silver Coca Cola Style Name Necklace and the Retro Name Necklace. The swirling letters are fun and full of personality, making them perfect for anyone with an adventurous and spirited style. There are designs with different details at the end or side of the name, such as a simple flower and a heart.

For full personalisation, you can even order a name necklace using Chinese, Arabic, Greek, and Turkish letters. All name necklaces are made to order.

High Quality Personalised Necklaces From Ice Jewellery

Since 1999, Ice Jewellery has been offering high quality necklaces and jewellery to men and women in Australia. The beautiful, sophisticated and customisable Name Necklaces are crafted to meet the highest possible standards.

Aside from the quality of the jewellery in our collection, you can also rely on the quality of our service. Ice Jewellery Australia offers great customer terms and conditions, including free shipping and warranty for manufacturing defects.

Express your unique sense of style and personality with the Name Necklaces from Ice Jewellery. Experience the satisfaction that only high quality customised jewellery can offer. Order a Name Necklace today for you or someone close to your heart.