Morganite Earrings


How to Pick the Right Morganite Earrings Online

Morganite earrings are not something you hear every day, but morganite jewellery has risen in popularity across the world due to their brilliance. Their durability and affordability also make them great for daily wear. Their beautiful, demure hues offer an excellent centrepiece to any woman’s gem collection.

If you’re looking for authentic morganite earrings, you need to know how to look and where to look for it. Here’s how to look for the best morganite earring online.

What is Morganite?

The first discovered morganite came from California in 1910. The gem’s name comes from avid gem collector, J.P. Morgan.

Also known as rose beryl, morganite is the salmon-coloured variant of beryl gems. The pink colour comes from the caesium and/or manganese impurities on the mineral.

The colour of a morganite earring will be distinct from its other cousins. Others in its family include aquamarine, bixbite, emerald, and goshenite.

How Valuable is a Morganite Jewellery?

Morganite earrings are often scarce, which is why many avid collectors are on the lookout for high-quality morganite earrings. An authentic morganite earring usually goes on sale as pink emerald, but this can be misleading.

While morganite jewellery is beautiful and rare, they remain as affordable options. A carat costs somewhere between $200 and $400 and looks stunning with the right setting.

When shopping for the right morganite jewellery online, much like many gemstones, the cut, colour, carat, and clarity are essential.

Morganite Colour

When selecting the best morganite earring online, the colour is crucial. You want your morganite to show off pleochroism, or the ability of your gemstone to show off a variety of hues at different angles.

You want your morganite earring to work well with your metal of choice. The most common metal that comes with morganite is gold. Varieties include white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.

Morganite Cuts

In many situations, you would need to pick a cut that accentuates the beauty of your morganite gem. Princess cut, pear cut, round, and oval cuts are some of the most famous for the stone.

Faceting is tricky for morganites, usually because of its manganese inclusions. Try to find jewellery that fit these common cuts so you can get the most value.

Morganite Carat Weight

While carat weight is usually a considerable measure of value, it’s different when it comes to morganites. Not all gemstones are equal, as some are denser than others. This detail is accurate for morganites, which are less dense than diamonds.

Morganite Clarity

In jewellery, an authentic morganite earring will have a Type 1 grade. Type 1 means it’s eye-clean without any visible flaws. You want a clear, lustrous gemstone that doesn’t have deep inclusions.

Find the Right Morganite Earrings For You

When buying the best morganite earrings online, buy only from authentic jewellers. You want to be careful with your picks and follow our tips. We’re sure you’ll find the right morganite earring for you.

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