Michael Kors Watches


Timeless Perfection with Michael Kors Watches

Elegance, undeniably, is a virtue evident in every Michael Kors design, be it in sportswear where he is widely known for or in elegant evening dresses. The same virtue radiates in his watches.

The Foundation of Michael Kors Watches

A rave review from the fashion industry at the time brought his name to the pinnacle, comparing his name with the highly revered in the industry. However, he experienced bankruptcy in 1993, which temporarily sent him to oblivion. Just four years later, he reopened and launched the first-ever women's ready-to-wear designer for the popular French house Celine.

For the critics, Michael Kors's design is the complete embodiment of luxury, elegance, and sophistication - virtues that seem ever-present in all his works such as apparel, handbags, shoes, and as well as watches.

Michael Kors watches on Ice Jewellery epitomise a sense of exquisiteness, luxury, elegance, and sophistication that are blended gloriously with casual, simple, or complexity. It is, as critics would describe it, a delicate collection line that graces styles that bodes luxury and opulence, all of which available for men and women. This, at first glance, targets those who love elegance and modishness. However, looking at every timepiece would surely convince that it is also for those who just want simplicity wrapped around their wrist.

Every Man and Woman Dream of a Michael Kors Watch

Uniquely, Michael Kors statement pieces have significant features. These include tortoiseshell band patterns and shell finish-style model, as well as feminine chain bracelet styles, and tepid autumnal colours including cream, classy brown, and light auburn.

Watches also boast of styles that are viewed as edgy compared with other timepieces in the collection, such as chunky cuff style bands with small buckle detailing. Michael Kors watches' real virtue is its unique brand style personality as it successfully catches the watch-lover's attention despite focusing on luxury and shunning the funky and the arts which its competitors have slowly beginning to embrace.

Michael Kors Watches Australia

Ice Jewellery loves the unique sophistication of Michael Kors watches, and we are proud to have its elegant watches in our continuously expanding catalogue. Our Michael Kors watches are amongst the most-loved in all our products, and our customer come from and outside Australia.

Rest assured, Michael Kors exemplary design is perfect for every glamorous occasion, as well as for those who want to look elegant even in everyday situations.

Find the perfect Michael Kors watch for you at our online catalogue, and let us deliver it to your doorsteps in style.