Mens Signet Rings


The Modern Take on Men’s Signet Rings

Signet rings have always been a gentleman’s ring. Dating back thousands of years, these lithographed rings defined the most distinguished and wealthiest men. From the pharaohs to popes, princes and potentates, these fine pieces of jewellery transcend time and tradition.

A Fashionable Comeback

You may be surprised to know that men’s signet rings in the distant past served a more practical purpose rather than an accoutrement. Aristocratic men had it around their ring finger, bearing their personal insignia or their family crest.

Back in the era when men ruled society —kings, noblemen, religious leaders, landlords— signet rings were the hallmark of distinction. These heirloom pieces were passed down from generation to generation, from the patriarch to his first-born son.

These were extremely expensive then, requiring a skilled craftsman to construct the intricate pattern in reverse on the metal ring. The ring’s flat bezel was inscribed with the design in reverse, and when stamped on a hot wax seal, it left behind its mirror image.

These rings were used to sign a document and to mark its origin. With the marking on the seal, it establishes not just the origin but the authenticity of the document as well.

In modern times, signet rings have broken with tradition and are now worn as an adornment by men and women alike. Though it is longer limited to its original purpose, it still carries with it the opportunity of identification and self-expression. This trend has become widespread, and almost every jewellery store carries a line of men’s signet rings. Australia has caught up with the signet rings frenzy, with famous personalities catapulting its comeback into mainstream fashion.

From Classic to Contemporary Designs

Men’s signet rings have transitioned from its customary roots to modern fashion. Contemporary designs offer more flexible options, though the rustic look of antique signet rings still charms many. Whether you prefer minimalist or more elaborate, there are many styles to choose from.

Contemporary designs include skulls and tribal or tattoo-inspired artworks. Other designs that are inspired by nature such as trees, leaves, flowers, and animals are also common.

For those seeking to have their identity emblazoned on the ring, name and monogrammed initial intaglios are great choices. For the more low-key dressers, a simple and modest stone or even a clean, plain bezel are also popular choices. In these times when most things can be customised, the possibilities are endless!

Express Yourself with Signet Rings

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