Mens Leather Bracelets


Look Cool In A Men's Leather Bracelet

Any fashion-forward man knows how to show off his style or make a statement through arm accessories. Bracelets for guys are often subtle, but there are also bold pieces for the adventurous ones. Whether you're dressing up for a casual or formal occasion, you'll be able to find the one that defines you from the collection of cool men's leather bracelets at Ice Jewellery.

Wide Band Men's Leather Bracelet

The most popular bracelets for men feature a wide leather band in solid black or different shades of brown. These are designed to project strength, edginess, and sensuality.

Leather Cuff

Popularised by Johnny Depp, the leather cuff wristband is back from the '70s. The extra width of the bracelet covers your entire wrist, with intricate artwork or metal studs sure to turn heads wherever you go. Wear this with a pair of jeans and funky tee. While leather cuffs work well for guys who have tattoos, they might not be appropriate for office work settings. They can also interfere with long sleeves and wrist movement.

Wrap bracelets are trendy right now. Soft leather allows for comfortable daily wear while burnished chains add the perfect contrast.

Men's Leather Bracelet With Design Bands

If plain leather bands are too laid back for you, a design band is a better option as it adds an element of texture and style. These include embroidery, metal clasps, gems, skulls, anchors, Zodiac symbols, chains, and other ornaments that are built into the band.

Anchors And Hooks

Nautical themes are timeless. Shiny metal anchors add flair to a woven leather band, completing your sailor look. You can tie the ends of a rope leather bracelet to the edges of the anchor for a rough and tough concept. Silver-plated hooks and knotted navy cords add to the seafarer appeal.

Metal and Jewel Charms

There are plenty of ways to make leather bracelets stand out. Add a silver clasp to black braided leather. Attach tiny onyx gemstones for a stunning look. Spice up a plain leather strand with gold and silver charms. Lock a dark hued leather band with a brilliant magnetic clasp.

Looking for a couple's bracelet to share with your loved one? Touch up that black leather with a white gold infinity symbol.

Leather blends well with copper. Accessory houses often add copper to give leather a robust authentic appeal. Twist them together for a harmonious look.

Thin Rope Bands

Another popular type of men's leather bracelet is the rope band. Often worn by surfers, these braided strands call attention without being loud.

Ice Jewellery offers a wide range of leather bracelets for different styles and wrist sizes. Browse our online catalogue today to find your next conversation piece.