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Scream Elegance with Love Bracelet

Did you know the main purpose of chastity belt way back then? These medieval chastity belts were a special device used to lock up married women’s waists to ensure that they remain untouched while their husbands were away. Now this may seem a bit too weird, but chastity belt was just a way to show love and honesty to each other way back then. Good thing is that you don’t have to wear these belts because Love Bracelet has completely replaced that.

Love bracelet is a seriously elegant piece of jewellery that was created in the 1970 by Aldo Cipullo. This is Aldo Cipullo’s own interpretation of the chastity bracelet and he definitely did it the right way. The simple bangle design is what makes this jewellery piece standout from other accessories because the simplicity of Love bracelet is truly an iconic piece. The similarity of this Love bracelet and the chastity belt is that these jewelleries can only be removed with a certain key or screwdriver.

The locking method of the love bracelet is a strong representation of an authentic love and devotion between two passionate people. There is nothing more of a better commitment to show love than these elegant love bracelets.

Love Bracelet: For Him and For Her

Usually, there is a policy for love bracelets. No one can purchase love bracelets just for themselves. So whether you are a lady in love or a man dedicated to love, you have to purchase this bracelet for your significant other. What is so great about love bracelet is they come in different unisex designs. Love bracelets are known for its simplicity to cater to both sexes. The way these love bracelets are designed is neutral enough, and yet these bracelets are always a standout and a definite crowd pleaser.

This also agrees with every style out there, that’s how universal and classic these love bracelet are. So you don’t have to adjust your wardrobe for this bracelet because love bracelets can fit and complement your style whether you’re having a casual Friday night or a formal Saturday cruise.

Celebration of Love

Here at Ice Online, we always make sure to celebrate every life’s highs with our jewellery collection. Love is a definite favourite for us because this kind of passion from you is definitely an excellent and admirable inspiration for us. So head on to our website now and browse through our Love bracelet collection and see the elegance of these Love bracelets.

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