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Set the Trends with Exquisite JAG Watches

Watches are essential fashion pieces for men and women. Other than helping you keep the time, watches exude elegance and class to the wearer. Every watch is different and may suit the needs of the wearer. Here at Ice Jewellery, we offer various watches for your needs.

JAG Watches Setting the Trends Since 1972

Ever since they first came out in 1972, JAG watches have been made with the utmost precision and accuracy. JAG watches were released by the Palmer Corporation, a company owned by Adele and Rob Palmer. The clothing brand has been a forefront in the producing quality clothing and accessories. Being an internationally famous brand, it has had various endorsements from top personalities such as Steve McQueen and Jackie Onassis. Indeed, the brand has set a benchmark for fashion and also individuality.

Elegant and classy, JAG watches are crafted to be the best. Not only that, they are also fashionable and updated to fit the latest trends. Wearing a JAG watch accents your lifestyle and personality.

When you buy a JAG timepiece, you are ensured that the materials used are of the best quality. JAG only uses the best leather, silver or gold in their watches. Some JAG watches are also adorned with jewels, attracting men and women alike.

A Collection of Quality JAG Watches on Ice Jewellery

Ice Jewellery has always provided the best online shopping service for Australians and even the rest of the world. Here at Ice Jewellery, we assure you that all our watches are new and in prime condition. All of the watches in our catalogue are guaranteed authentic and sourced legally.

Ice Jewellery offers the widest collection of JAG Watches. We have the classic line for men and women. These watches are great for work or adventure. We also offer sport watches that are great for hiking, running, swimming and other activities. Other than that we offer automatic watches that sport excellence in design and durability.

Ice Jewellery also offer the most sought Gents line of JAG watches. These watches offer stainless steel finish, unique chronographs and precise movements. These watches can withstand depths up to 100 m and are great for divers.

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Shopping for JAG watches whether for men or women, with different materials or for different functions will be so easy. With one click, your item is reserved and will soon be delivered to you.

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