Initial & Letter Necklace


Personalise Your Jewellery with Initial and Letter Necklace

Nothing says possession better than having your name on it. Make a piece of jewellery your very own with initial and letter necklace. There are a lot of jewellery nowadays that can be personalised. Bracelets and necklaces with nameplates and rings can be engraved with your own name. In some cases, a personalised messaged can also be included in a gift.

If all these appeal to you on any level, it would be a good idea to choose an initial and letter necklace. Depending on personal tastes, having a name engraved on a piece of jewellery can seem a tad bit tacky. An alternative to this would be the initial and letter necklace. It is a more subtle way of personalising your necklaces.

Delightful Initial and Letter Necklace Gifts

If you are looking for a great gift for your daughter, a delicate and exquisite initial and letter necklace is a good choice. Give your daughter something she will treasure. Aside from being an elegant and sophisticated gift, an initial and letter necklace could give her a sense of identity. Give it as a present when she's still young. Having and understanding personal identity will do wonders for your daughter, especially as she gets older. Your gift will go beyond its material and aesthetic purposes; it will help her become more aware of herself as a person.

Initial and Letter Necklace in Precious Metals

Here at Ice Jewellery Australia, we understand how a personalised gift can be a symbol of your love. Whether to your daughter, friend, or mother, an initial and letter necklace will surely be cherished and held dear until the end of time.

Browse through our collection of initial and letter necklace at Ice Jewellery Australia. We have a delicate collection of initial and letter necklace in diamonds with different carat sizes. Take your pick and delight your daughter with her first starter diamond jewellery. Our THOMAS SABO line of initial and letter necklace are available in different precious metals yellow gold, rose gold, and silver. Whatever you choose, you are sure to enchant that special someone with an initial and letter necklace.

Find an exquisite initial and letter necklace for a more personalised gift. Browse our collection at Ice Jewellery Australia today and see more gift set offerings available for you and your loved one!