Huggie Earrings


Why Huggie Earrings is Your Next Ear Candy

From influencers to celebrities, huggie earrings are the latest jewellery game to hit the trends. These dainty little ear blings hug your earlobes and can elevate your look from basic to chic. For their size, huggie earrings are definitely not your average accessory!

Bye-Bye, Backing Woes! Hello Huggie Earrings!

This is something many of us are too familiar with: hair tangled around the backing. And don’t even mention about backing that has gotten lost somewhere and never to be seen again! You can say goodbye to this when you use earrings that are free of any detachable parts and protruding backing.

Just like this pair of stainless steel huggie earrings, the hinged clip design latches behind the earlobes and locks it securely in place. Nothing will poke you or get caught around it, and no more missing back too!

Huggie Earrings Won’t Slip Off Easily

Typical push back earrings tend to slide off when, for example, you pull off a shirt or tug your hair to tie it up. But the huggie earrings attach firmly around the earlobes. They won’t just unlatch and fall off or easily catch on anything whilst doing your normal activities. You can even sleep with these earrings on and won’t have to worry about waking up the next day to find the other earring gone.

Choose Huggie Earrings that are Easier on Your Ears

Dangling and hoop earrings are sometimes notorious for tugging at the piercing and causing your earlobes to get stressed. Over time, it can create a rather stretched look of the piercing hole, which can be unsightly. These light and delicate babies, however, are easier on your ears because they won’t weight the earlobes down.

With the shorter and seamless clip, the earrings hang balanced around the earlobes. Aside from this, huggie earrings are also easy to put on and take off! These simple gold huggie earrings look elegant as is; they are also perfect for layering with another huggie or dainty stud earrings.

A More Impeccable Look with Huggie Earrings

One thing about huggie earrings that differentiates it from the traditional hoop earrings is the way it flawlessly closes around the earlobes. No visible hinges, clasps, or any other parts that are not supposed to be on display.

The clean, wrap-around design of a pair of silver huggie earrings will look exquisite on its own or paired with other huggie earrings or two. It goes smoothly and locks neatly, revealing nothing but its eye-catching design.

Get your own huggie earrings in different style, design, and material and have fun mixing and matching with other earrings! Check out these selections of huggie earrings and swoon at the beautiful assortments you wouldn’t want to miss featuring on your next IG post!