Hamsa Necklaces


Protect Yourself with a Hamsa Necklace

If you are looking for a great and unique accent to your wardrobe, take a look into a hamsa necklace. Before you go around wearing a hamsa necklace, however, make sure you learn about its rich history and the symbolism behind it.

Hamsa (khamsa), talismans revered in the Middle East and North Africa, literally translates to five. A hamsa necklace, shaped like an open palm, is believed to be a talisman against evil spirits. It can bring blessings and power according to Jewish and Muslim cultures. Primarily, it is believed to ward off against the evil eye and confer protection to the wearer. The evil eye is thought to be a malevolent stare that can cause afflictions and general misfortune.

Hamsa Necklace as a Great Centrepiece

Hamsas are worn most commonly as a necklace. Aside from the beliefs surrounding the pendant, a hamsa necklace can also be a great conversation piece and an eclectic accent to your wardrobe. Of course, it does not hurt that it also gives protection to the wearer. Never has any piece of jewellery been steeped in so much cultural and historical significance.

A fine hamsa necklace can instantly become that intriguing piece of your wardrobe. Say you're out on a party and you are wearing an exquisite hamsa necklace. A guy comes up to you and starts asking about your unique hamsa necklace. Next thing you know, the night has already passed and your conversation has moved from Muslim and Islamic superstition and ideals, to what time he's picking you up for your date tomorrow.

Hamsa Necklace from THOMAS SABO

Designers take a lot of ideas from varying sources. Creative juices just seem to flow when you're delving into the mysterious and enigmatic world of Asian and Middle- Eastern cultures. THOMAS SABO is no different. Here at Ice Jewellery, we carry exquisite and tastefully crafted hamsa pendants that you can transform into a beautiful hamsa necklace.

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