Gold Hoop Earrings


Wearing Gold Hoop Earrings: The Do's and Don'ts

Gold hoop earrings are one of the few jewellery pieces that can be both bold and sophisticated. While this quality can be a good thing if you're all about versatility, you should use some extra caution when wearing gold hoop earrings. They can look over-the-top or just plain trashy if not worn well. But fear not, this guide is here to help you rock your pair like the elegant yet glamorous woman that you are.

Do: Wear Gold Hoop Earrings With The Right Outfit

In general, hoop earrings should be worn with simpler tops and dresses. As I have mentioned above, sporting gold hoop earrings is a statement in itself. Letting your pair be the focal point of your entire look is a smart move. The earrings shall do the talking.

So when is wearing gold hoop earrings recommended?

When you'll wear it with tube tops and strapless dresses - This style of clothing leaves your chest and neck bare. Wearing gold hoops will emphasise and elongate your neck. The effect will be a lot better if you refrain from wearing necklaces or any other accessory that may clash with your earrings.

When you'll wear it with plain shirts - This rule applies for v-necks as well. Gold hoop earrings can easily add spice to an otherwise boring outfit. The result is an effortless mix of simplicity and elegance.

When you'll wear it with turtlenecks - Turtlenecks provide the perfect canvass for your hoop earrings because they put the focus on your face. Better yet, tie your hair back. It adds to the outfit's chic vibe.

Don't: Wear Gold Hoop Earrings On Activity-Heavy Events

For the sake of safety and healthy ears, please don't wear gold hoop earrings if you're going to be up all night dancing or playing with kids and/or pets. Because hoops aren't as light as other types of earrings, they might make you uncomfortable in unsuitable situations. Also, you wouldn't want anyone or anything accidentally pulling those large circles on your ears, right?

Do: Keep Your Makeup Classy

We're all familiar with the stripper look: loud eye shadow, bold lipstick, and a ridiculous pair of hoop earrings. While this combination can be pulled off, it requires special talent to do it. It's best to keep the makeup simple with neutral eyes or pale lips.

Don't: Go Crazy With The Design

For the last time, gold hoop earrings are a statement in itself. You don't need to get one that has your name written all over it in bright, bold lettering. A plain gold hoop, or one with classy studs, will do

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