Gold Diamond Rings


The Power of Two in a Gold Diamond Ring

Double the allure with a gold diamond ring. Diamond has been revered throughout the years because of its brilliance and durability. On the other hand, gold has also been valued highly as a currency and commodity. Imagine the enduring elegance that can come out of combining the two in a piece of jewellery. It is a tradition that is as old as the tale that is as old as time.

Thus, they have both become the stuff couple rings are made of. Ranging from engagement to wedding bands, the resulting adornment become not just a fashion statement, but also a symbol of a promise between two persons.

A natural head-turner, a gold diamond ring worn on the correct finger spells out someone's commitment to another. Like the ornament itself, the owner's beauty is meant only for strangers to admire.

Double the Grandeur with a Gold Diamond Ring

The colour gold has been associated with riches, glamour, and success. The precious metal can be found embedded in mansions, temples, and even mobile phones. Prices just shoot up for any object that has gold in and on it, or is made of gold itself. Think how far a client with a gold membership in a club can go. Notice how names of firms are plated with gold. See how gold letterings make a rather boring white business card look sophisticated.

Can you visualise now what beholden view awaits you when your beloved's hand dons a gold diamond ring? What about yours? There are places in the world that require both man and woman to carry a band on the finger during the engagement. This will eventually be replaced by more permanent wedding rings in almost all cultures.

Double the Dazzle with a Gold Diamond Ring

If diamonds are forever, then a gold diamond ring signifies infinity and beyond. If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then a gold diamond ring is the one she marries. Okay, not really. But there is one priceless thing that appears in the eyes of the woman you love when she sees that diamond mounted on a gold band: pure joy. That in itself is something to treasure.

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