Gold Bracelets


Go Classy with Gold Bracelets

If you are gunning for the classic elegant look, you can never go wrong with gold pieces and jewellery. Even if you are sporting the most casual dress, an arm donning a gold bracelet will still salvage the entire look. It has a warm glow and has a pleasing weight. Also, there is a warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with owning a chunk of the real thing.

Truly, gold bracelets never go out of style, and that is for one noteworthy reason - because gold is as easy to wear by anyone, as it is gorgeously breathtaking.

Gold bracelets never go out of style

If there's one thing that you may not like very much about fashion, it's their seasonal trend. What may be hot and cutting edge one month may be horribly outdated and out of style come the next.

Pearls are eye-catching and so are silvers, but in terms of truly embodying style, gold bracelets complete the formula. This is indeed a versatile piece of jewellery as it can go together with other bracelets, flowing and fancy pieces, studded diamonds or simply solid gold or silver. Whatever route you may choose to go with and pair with gold bracelets, you are getting a powerhouse jewellery piece.

Why gold bracelets are a good investment

Aside from the fact that gold bracelets do not go out of style, pure gold does not retort with other elements to create tarnish and discolour. Tarnish is the residue and remains that accrue on other metals before shifting on your skin as a stain. There are a good number of people who have allergy or staining dilemma with gold being combined with other metals - but pure gold itself is rarely a problem.

Gold is flexible enough to be worked into nearly any shade, counting tiny strands that do not break easily. An ounce of gold is malleable and can be transformed into ultra-thin sheets. This quality of gold allows it to be manipulated nearly in any way the artisan wishes to.

However, pure gold is soft and is not practical for daily wear. To strengthen its durability and lower costs at the same time, other metals can be mixed. This is the reason why the colour of gold changes. Like in terms of white gold - it can be achieved by adding palladium or nickel. To get a rose or pink tint hue, copper can be added.

About Gold Bracelets at Ice Jewellery

Stow the plastic. Put away the beads. The pearls are nice, and so is the silver, but every now and again you just want to feel some gold around your wrist. The warm glow. The pleasing weight. The warm fuzzies that come with owning a chunk of the real thing.

What type of gold bracelet is right for you? We couldn't possibly say, because that's a matter of personal taste. But we're confident that you'll be able to find a bracelet at Ice that suits your personality and your budget. There's white gold bracelets and yellow gold bracelets, cuff bracelets and tennis bracelets. And diamond bracelets? Oh boy, do we have gold bracelets with diamonds.

Little tykes like the shiny stuff too, so think gold charm bracelet the next time a birthday rolls around. You'll get at least a giggle in return, and while we don't want to cast any aspersions on video games or Plasticine, this is something the kid's going to cherish for a long, long time.

Regardless of the type of gold bracelet you are looking for, we are confident that you will find the perfect one at Ice Jewellery Australia. Visit us and be stunned with the vast offerings we have!