Gemstone Engagement Rings


Gemstone Engagement rings in a practical sense

Gemstone engagement rings are an absolute must for your special person. Gemstone engagement rings are gaining popularity with their unique colours and sparkle. Gemstone engagement rings capture the eye with a pop of colour, and the beautiful finish compliments all skin tones to stand out from the crowd. 

Any gemstone engagement rings are easily paired with another jewellery piece of choice. A simple gold, rose gold or sterling silver necklace or bracelet will compliment a gemstone engagement ring perfectly. For an ostentatious pop of style, a matching gemstone pair of earrings is perfect to complete the look. These gemstone engagement rings aren't just perfect for an engagement, but look stunning with a wide range of other jewellery pieces.

Our Range of Gemstone Engagement rings

A gemstone engagement ring is the perfect quirky choice to show off a pop of colour on your finger. Each type of gemstone have a specific meaning to amplify the power of the stone. Not only are they beautiful, but they possess a hidden meaning designed to enhance your body and mind.

As Aquamarine is associated with the ocean, this gemstone is designed to promote cleansing of the soul through the purity of crystal blue waters. Aquamarine is also designed to promote relaxation and a calm feeling. Not only just a beautiful stone, a host of spiritual benefits are associated with the stone.

A Black Diamond is a quirky choice but with hidden powerful meanings. Black diamond is historically know as a symbol of wealth and power in many cultures. Therefore, bring this spiritual meaning to your loved one with a black diamond ring. Stack a black diamond ring with a sterling silver ring or bracelet for the perfect combination.

Associated with clarity, a cubic zirconia stone has traditionally been know to improve mental focus and bring insight into problems that are surrounding your thoughts. It's also said to help release your ego. 

A emerald stone is a stunning choice to show off a pop of colour. The vibrant green emerald stone is known as a symbol of truth and love. Some believe that the emerald stone can reveal true love and is meant to bring partners closer together. This great gemstone is the perfect choice to propose to your loved one. 

A morganite gemstone has a special meaning of divine love, as simple as that. It's representative of love and attracts and maintains love. A deeper meaning of peace and perseverance. The absolute perfect engagement ring for that special person.

The red ruby is the classic love stone. It's deep lustrous stone has accrued a special and symbolic meaning of nobility, purity and passion for it's wearer. The ruby stone is also known as a protective stone that can bring happiness into the life of the wearer. Pair a ruby engagement ring with a rose gold bracelet or necklace to showcase your outfit in style.

A stunning blue gemstone, the sapphire is another great choice to express your love to someone on your special day. In many cultures, kings would wear a sapphire gemstone as a symbol of defence from harm. These stones protected the wearer from envy and attracted divine favour. To protect your loved one, look no further than a sapphire ring as an engagement ring. 


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