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Finding The Best Garnet Earrings Today

When people think of garnet earrings, the first thing that comes to mind is red. In their minds, these are a different shade of red ruby. As a garnet comes with a variety of shades, the gem can be a great pick.

While a garnet earring is not as prestigious as diamond earrings, it’s still a beautiful piece of jewellery. Here are some great tips that will help you find the best garnet earrings out there.

Understanding the Value of an Authentic Garnet Earring

Appreciating a garnet earring is a complicated skill, but you don’t need to be technical. As long as you can find yourself an authentic garnet earring, you’re good to go.

Garnets are a type of gemstone coming from a family of minerals with different compositions. What makes a garnet distinct is its colour.

A garnet is almost always a tinge of red. Its name comes from the Latin word “granatum,” which means dark red. It’s also a reference to pomegranates and their reddish colour.

For people born in January, a garnet has a particular connotation. Garnets are the birthstones for the month, and among the oldest identified gemstones.

Using the Four Cs to Find the Right Garnet Earring

When looking for garnet earrings, it’s crucial to use the famous 4Cs of gem appraisal. These are:

  • Carat weight
  • Clarity
  • Colour
  • Cut

For starters, garnets come in all shapes and sizes. Some species of garnets like tsavorites come in smaller sizes. More common varieties used for the best garnet earrings come in larger sizes.

As for clarity, a real garnet is clear and has a glassy lustre to it. Some orange varieties, like hessonites, are inclusions called asterisms. These asterisms are rare, valued by collectors instead of treated as a flaw.

As for the cut, a garnet earring comes with standard cuts and shapes that allow for a secure setting. Square, rectangle, and round cuts are standard for the best garnet earrings. This process lets them keep as much of their carat weight, especially for rare varieties.

Colour, however, is the most crucial. An authentic garnet earring should be vivid and brilliant. Apart from non-red varieties, garnets should have a deep spectral red hue.

Get Only the Best Garnet Earrings at Ice Jewellery

A pair of garnet earrings are cost-effective alternatives to rubies. Although garnet earrings look excellent for younger people, like kids and young adults. With the right setting, it also looks great on older women.

Show the people you love how much you care with a beautiful pair of garnet earrings today. If you’re looking for authentic garnet earrings, find expert jewellers who can help.