Garnet Bracelets


Become Refreshed Inside And Out With Garnet Bracelets

Not everyone knows about the beauty and wonder of the Garnet stone. Its name was derived from the Latin term granatum or pomegranate. It was given its name because of its likeness in appearance to the seeds of the pomegranate fruit. It is hugely popular in ancient civilisations because of its use as ornaments and as a symbol of strength. Historians say that the only source of light in Noah's ark was a big Garnet stone.

The Benefits Of Wearing Garnet Bracelets

Do you feel depressed, tired, or simply running out of energy? Are you having issues with your relationships? Do you suffer from any sickness or illness? Then wearing garnet bracelets might just work for you. Information regarding the therapeutic benefits of the Garnet stone can be traced back to its wide usage during the Middle Ages. Back then, it was strongly believed that the stone increases honesty and faith in relationships. It is considered to be a stone that gives protective energy against bad forces especially when travelling, sleeping or any common physical activity. It has healing properties that can remove diseases that may already seem hopeless. The Garnet stone is also known to regenerate and revitalise the body both internally and externally.

It is not a surprise when jewellery designers have decided to venture into crafting pieces with Garnet as the main stone. The Garnet stone is considered to be directly linked to the root chakra which is responsible for the circulation of energy in our body. Anyone can enjoy its therapeutic benefits all day as long as she wears it.

Garnet Bracelets At Ice Jewellery Australia

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