Freshwater Pearl Necklaces


Caring for your Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Pearls are unique treasures from the sea, and owning them means having the responsibility as well to take good care of them if you truly want to extend the life of your precious sea borne jewels.

Why Take Care of your Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Compared to pearls from saltwater, freshwater pearls from oysters or mussels in rivers, ponds or lakes are more inclined to have more variety in colour and uniqueness in shape. In that case, freshwater pearls are more abundant and have more naturally occurring varieties, so they tend to be more affordable than other pearls. But just like other pearls, freshwater pearls are beautiful and lively as well, and therefore deserve your utmost care.

Steps to Preserve your Freshwater Pearl Necklace

All pearls, the same with almost any type of jewellery, are prone to yellowing and discolouration if not properly cared for. Here are some tips on how to take care of your freshwater pearl necklace.

  • Keep your pearls away from perfume, colognes, and all types of chemicals.
  • Also watch out for change in skin chemistry during climate and weather changes, especially if your skin reacts with acidity fast. Acidity leads to loss of pearls' lustre.
  • Avoid pearls' contact with humidity, perspiration and all types of lotion.
  • Keep your freshwater pearls clean at all times.
  • Put on your freshwater pearl necklace last, after applying all makeup.
  • Remember that freshwater pearls are fragile and prone to scratches, so make sure you store them properly. It would help to wrap them in a soft cloth to avoid further damage.
  • To clean your freshwater pearl necklace, wipe with either dry or damp chamois or a soft cloth to take away dirt and oils from the skin. To dry, do not hang but just lay them down neatly on a soft cloth before storing properly. Remember that silk shrinks if they get wet, and most pearls are strung using silk.
  • Try to avoid using brushes, cleaners, and ultrasound cleaners.
  • If you think you cannot do the cleaning on your own, leave it to the experts and bring them to your nearest jewellery cleaner.
Where to Get Authentic Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Taking good care of your freshwater pearl necklace will help preserve their life. But they would definitely last long if they were genuine freshwater pearls. A common test to check if the pearls are authentic is to bite them lightly using your front teeth. If you feel that they are quite sandy, then they are real. If you would really like to be assured with the authenticity of the pearls, make sure you purchase them from a legitimate jewellery store, such as Ice Jewellery.

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