Eternity Rings


Eternity Rings, and their Undying Essence

In the swiftness of romance that's becoming a trend today, it could be observed that the good-ol'-tradition of giving someone you love a ring has been on a rapid decline. But at Ice Jewellery Jewellery Store, we believe that such wonderful custom must not be forgotten. It should be brought to life, and our products are capable of doing just that.

How Eternity Rings Came About

In the old days, as seen in historical movies and romance novels, eternity rings are given to ladies by men who are enamoured by their beauty. It could be a sign of a good start of romance, a promise of loyalty, an indication of exclusivity. Indeed, rings were given even outside the context of engagement and marriage.

Today, the act of buying a girlfriend a ring is still a common practice in most Christian countries during engagement. It has become a mere tradition. Men buy ring for their fiancee because custom says they have to. Few are men who buy a ring for his girl at his own volition, or simply because they love to.

But women are still women. They are still the type who appreciates the littlest of all efforts so long as it is from the heart. On the other hand, men do not have to wait for that 'moment' to put a band on his girl's finger. A man who cares for his girl can just give her a ring simply because she deserves to. Here at Ice, we encourage you to do so.

Eternity Rings vis-a-vis Wedding Rings

Giving an eternity ring can be the most romantic and unforgettable gesture a man can do for her girlfriend. Eternity rings, just to clear it out, are different from wedding rings.

Eternity rings can be given to anyone, on all occasions. However, there is no denying that any girl asked to wear an eternity ring would be happy and feel loved. That she is important and special for whoever gives it to her. An eternity ring will be unforgettable for her, and could even lead up to something deeper.

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