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Bridal Sets: Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings in One

Engagement rings are selling like hot pancakes these days. But should you be getting an engagement ring or should you consider getting bridal sets instead? Bridal sets contain an engagement ring and a wedding band. They offer many advantages over buying a separate engagement ring and wedding rings.

Here are top reasons why many couples that are about to get married consider getting bridal sets:

Uniformity. So you opted to surprise her and bought her an engagement ring. She said yes. Now, the initial shock of getting engaged is starting to wear off and you are on your wedding planning stage. Even if you buy wedding rings that specifically match her engagement ring, chances are you won't be able to achieve the uniformity of look that a bridal set offers. Bridal sets are designed to make sure that the engagement ring and the wedding band would look perfect in a bride's finger. You can achieve this if you opt for a bridal set.

Practicality. In the long run, choosing to buy a bridal set instead of separately purchasing an engagement ring and wedding rings is more cost-effective. The set already includes both rings in one piece. Plus, many jewellers offer great discounts on bridal sets.

Classy. If you take a look at bridal sets being sold by jewellers, you will discover that they possess a unique look and style all their own. The rings look like a perfect match to each other, instead of looking like two different pieces of jewellery. This makes the bridal set very sophisticated, something that an elegant bride wants for her wedding and even after.

Convenience. Selecting the perfect ring from among hundreds of engagement rings is a chore to a man who has no clue as to what his girlfriend wants. When you choose to buy a bridal set over separate pieces of engagement ring and wedding rings, it means that you only have to shop for these rings once. You only have to choose one style and pay once.

Comfort. If you haven't gotten the idea, a bridal set is worn as just one ring, instead of two. There are two rings but they are worn like one piece. It takes time to get used to wearing a ring, especially an engagement ring. The ring may shift and move. The stone might be too heavy for her. For someone who is not used to wearing rings, having two rings in her finger may be a little difficult for your bride.

Since a bridal set is worn as just one ring, this becomes more comfortable for many brides.

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