Emerald Necklaces


The Captivating Radiance of the Emerald Necklace

The name emerald comes from the French esmeralde and Greek smaragdos which mean green gemstone. A number of magnificent stories that constitute our history have emerged around this captivating gem. In fact, emeralds have been held in high esteem by queens, kings, rulers, and sultans around the world.

The Incas and Aztecs of South America, as well as ancient Indians, considered the emerald as a holy gemstone. They believed that this particular gemstone has healing powers that can cure all sicknesses. It was no wonder that the treasure chests of Indian maharajas contained beautiful emerald stones and ornaments. Admired by Egyptian pharaohs, the finest and the oldest emeralds were once harboured in the gemstone mines in the Red Sea, which was later called Cleopatra's Mines.

Ranging from deep green to translucent sea green, emeralds are mesmerising gemstones. Emerald is a prized member of the precious four of all gemstones, together with diamond, ruby, and sapphire. In terms of quality, necklaces crafted from fine emeralds are even more valuable and expensive than diamonds. That is why intricate stone ornaments and radiant pieces made from emeralds, such as an emerald necklace, enthral wealthy collectors and even jewellery artists.

Satisfying your Dreams with an Emerald Necklace

Everyone will agree that green emeralds are excellent gemstones for all types of jewel pieces. Even Cleopatra chose an emerald necklace as a charming bijou to bind around her neck. Once you see a top quality emerald necklace, there is no way you will forget the stunning brilliant green colour it exudes.

An emerald necklace does not only reflect just how beautiful the colour green can be. It can also be the best accessory to wear in whatever occasion and to pair with whatever outfit. Many jewellery pieces feature gemstones in various hues, but the emerald necklace is one of the few jewels that can stand out even by itself. It is an accessory extraordinaire. If you or a loved one was born in May, an emerald necklace is an ideal pick for a present.

Finding the Perfect Emerald Necklace

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