Emerald Earrings


Why Choose a Pair of Emerald Earrings

Emeralds are considered as the pinnacle of gemstones. When you chance upon an emerald ring or a pair of emerald earrings, you will be instantly captivated by the sparks of its green flame - full of life and vibrancy.

Because of the emerald's natural green bright colour, it is a popular gemstone to use for jewellery pieces. The vibrancy of this stone makes it a great choice for emerald earrings. The emerald earrings will perfectly complement women who have olive skin tones. The warmth of the colour coming from the emerald is sure to bring a touch of energy to its wearer.

Things to Consider when Shopping for Emerald Earrings

Darker-coloured emerald earrings are preferred, but you should not to choose anything that is too dark as it might not have enough brilliance to your liking. Pay close attention to the colour as well as the clarity of the pair of emerald earrings that you have set your eyes on. When it comes to emeralds, carat isn't the biggest determining factor; it's the colour that is the factor that will determine the value of emerald.

How to Take Care of Emerald Earrings

Unlike gemstones that are known for their hardness such as diamonds, emeralds are more fragile because they are softer, according to the Mohs hardness scale. Should you purchase a lovely pair of emerald earrings, knowing how to take care of them properly will prolong their lives.

Here are some tips you on how to use and clean this precious stone:

  • Clean your emerald pieces at least thrice per week. You should not have to wait for a modicum amount of dirt deposits to form in the jewellery before cleaning it. To clean a pair of emerald earrings, use room-temperature water and a soft, clean toothbrush. Rinse the jewellery with some lukewarm water. Pat it down with a microfiber cloth before storing.
  • Keep your emerald earrings in a proper jewellery box that has a soft surface. This is to prevent scratches and dings on the emerald's sensitive surface. Remember that an emerald is not as hard as the other gemstones, so you have to treat them carefully. Wrap your emerald earrings in soft tissue before storing them with your other pieces.
  • When you wear your emerald earrings, be careful and make sure they do not come in contact with heat, abrasive surfaces, and any other dirty objects that may transfer unwanted dirt onto your stone.
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