Men's Earrings


Origins of Men's Earrings

Men have been piercing their ears since 7000 BC, so it's no surprise that an earring for a man is a highly desirable piece of jewellery. Men's wearing earrings have been slowly increasing in popularity over the last few years, with more and more men wearing anything from studs, hoop or drop earrings to showcase their personality. Who's to blame them! It's a highly fashionable subtle or casual piece of jewellery.

Men's Earrings latest trends

Men's earrings have made a huge comeback these past few years as men have become more into expressing themselves with statement jewellery. The most popular style of men's earrings is the stud earring. Seems fairly obvious as these are normally the first type of earring you wear when you first get your ears pierced. These are still a super stylish but subtle way of jazzing up your style. Closely followed are hoop earrings. These are a bit more over the top but showcase a more classy style to your outfit. Finally, drop earrings with a cross are one of the most popular upcoming earring styles.

These types of earrings adds layers and cool dimensions to your look. Whatever you choose, a pair of men's earrings will definitely freshen up your overall style.

Our Pick of the Bunch

Our obvious choice for a bit of flair would be the THOMAS SABO Men's Earrings Swords. This statement piece draws attention with ut most fashion and style. The perfect over-the-top pair of earrings for any man looking to freshen up their style. Alternatively, our more subtle Ice Jewellery Black Diamond, Lapis, or Malachite stud earrings deliver a classy touch to your overall style.

Men's Earrings at Ice Jewellery

Earrings aren't just for women! We stock a huge range of men's earrings through reputable brands such as THOMAS SABO and our exclusive Ice Jewellery collection. We only stock the highest-quality pieces to ensure yours lasts a lifetime. 

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