Hook Earrings


Why go for a Hook Earring?

Hook earrings are a unique piece of jewellery, but usually a stunning choice for the wearer. The classic hook earring shape consists of either a large sterling silver or gold hook that purposely protrudes out of your ear. The gemstone usually drops down well below your ear lobe to really draw attention to your ear, so you want to have a shiny gemstone at the bottom of your hook earring.

Hook earrings add layers and a unique look to your outfit, and easily suitable for a casual or a more formal outfit. For an extraordinary look, stack a hook earring with a stud earring on your upper lobe for the ultimate combination.

Hook Earrings for multiple looks

Our range of hook earrings at Ice Jewellery Australia caters for a multitude of different style types. Gold, silver, rose gold, pearls or gemstones: we have everything you could need. Bronzallure, Ikecho Australia, Georgini and our flagship Ice Jewellery collection are a most popular brands that use the highest of quality materials to deliver the best of the bunch.

Shop our multitude of brands to discover the very best of our hook earrings.

Our pick of the bunch: Hook Earrings

Our pick of the bunch hook earrings would be the Ikecho Australia Yellow Gold White Pearl Hook Earrings for a classic pearl and gold combination that will uplift any outfit. 

Alternatively, the Ice Jewellery Cluster Hook Diamond Earrings are a stunning choice for a bit of bling. This pop of colour will surely bring attention to your ears and uplift your formal outfit.