Lox Earring Backs


The LOX story

One day, over eight years ago, a rare chance event put engineer Gary Bryant on the journey for invention when his wife lost her expensive earrings on their gravel driveway. Despite desperate searching, the lost earring was never to be seen again. 

Gary knew there was an answer to the problem, and with 14 years of medical engineering experience, he embarked on a journey to design the most reliable earring backs on the market. 

Three years later, Gary created what he believes to be the world's best earring backs. Since then, his genius invention has been patented and has been scientifically tested to the equivalent of 50 years of daily use! 

Why LOX Secure Earring Backs?

Hypo-allergenic: LOX earring backs have a hypo-allergenic plastic body, and is the only part of the body which makes contact with your skin. Suitable for everybody!

Patented design: Designed and manufactured in the UK, LOX's unique earring back technology makes this product unique.

LOX fits 99% of earrings: LOX automatically adjusts to post diameters 0.5mm-1mm and can lock in between at any depth. LOX fits any look or style.

Easy to use: simply slide on to secure, then squeeze the metal clip to release. Super simple and worry-free.

Strong and secure: LOX can easy lift a 5lb weight, so there's no stress of losing those expensive pieces. 

Durability: stainless steel design for durability. Lifetime guarantee to last over 50 years of simulated daily use, so you know you're getting the best quality.

Replace your traditional bullet earring back or butterfly scrolls with LOX today, and be prepared to never lose your earrings again!


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