DKNY Rose Gold Watches


DKNY Rose Gold Watch: The Beauty of the Rosy Glow

The rosy glow is very in at the moment and watches are no exception. Rose gold re-emerged as a trend in European watch lines about six or seven years ago then spread to jewellery lines. Soon, the American designers were designing rose gold jewellery pieces too and not just in rings or earrings but also in shoes, handbags, and sunglasses.

DKNY, a leading New York brand, also offers rose gold-tone men's and women's watches. The rose gold tone is a subtle blush that is both handsome and beautiful on any skin. A DKNY rose gold watch is perfect for any occasion as the colour blends well with either yellow or white gold. A DKNY rose gold watch can be added in any jewellery line-up. For women, they can mix and layer this with their favourite pieces in their jewellery box. The rose gold watch has actually made great impact throughout the summer because it compliments as well pastel colours.

Beautiful and Captivating DKNY Rose Gold Watch

DKNY rose gold watches are starting to pickup on the rose gold trend. The watches usually feature rose gold in their bracelets, cases, and dials.

For instance, the Stanhope model, named after the classic hotel in New York, comes in grey face with rose gold-tone stainless steel. It is also available in other stainless steel colours but this one stands out because of the beautiful rosy glow.

The crosswalk two-tone bangle DKNY rose gold watch for women features a polished rose gold-tone and stainless steel. It reminds you of Manhattan's crosswalks that captures the life and energy of the streets of New York.

Bryant Park watch has a square case and is in rose gold colour all throughout. It has clean and crisp lines that can easily catch the eye.

For the smaller wrists, check out Beekman rose gold-tone bangle watch with a rectangular case. Beekman Place in New York is a tiny neighbourhood of stacked townhouses and this watch model produces an effect that recreates this neighbourhood sleek and narrow.

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