Diesel Watches


A Mania with Diesel Watches

Brave and adventurous this is the style Diesel watches have to offer. No wonder this watch collection is on top of the trend and brings mania to young generations.

Introduced in 1978 as a clothing line, the Diesel brand is an Italian design company that has reached all parts of the world by creating youthful fashion with a statement of boldness. Diesel watches come in a variety of tasteful and futuristic designs that make them unique from any other watch makers. Their advanced technology elements make each Diesel watch a coveted piece of wrist adornment.

The Versatility of Diesel Watches Australia
SBA Diesel Watches

These are bold timepieces popularly known to look very aggressive and sporty because of their big dimensions. They feature the latest technology like a chronograph and a three-hand movement that perfectly allows you to navigate different time zones with precision.

Chronograph Diesel Watches

These timepieces bring refined appeal and impressive details. While chronograph diesel watches are capable of accurately measuring extremely brief intervals, these are also flashy wrist adornment that draws attention. It's a must-have in your watch collection.

Analogue Diesel Watches

Classic-styled watches that feature original designs suitable for everyday use. They come in rich textured leather and flawless stainless chain bands which look attractive in casual outfit.

Digital Diesel Watches

Vibrant coloured watches in digital dial. These watches represent new forms and styles, making them appeal to the young generations.

Diesel offers both men and women a variety of classic and sporty timepieces that fit all lifestyle tastes. Not only through fashion, but also through their practical uses, Diesel watches serve as your buddy to your active lifestyle. Choosing a Diesel brand fulfils your desires to own a top of the line watch. You can never go wrong with a Diesel watch on your wrist.

Ice Jewellery takes pride in bringing these modern timepieces to our catalogue. Originating from Italy, Diesel watches reach Australia and captivated the attention of both men and women. With their affordable prices, you are sure to include Diesel watches to your collection. Every Diesel watch is exquisitely designed to meet the highest Italian quality. Diesel signatured watches evidently draw attention and get you noticed instantly.

The Diesel brand is a target for imitation but here at Ice Jewellery Australia, we ensure that we only offer you authentic Diesel watches. Browse our online catalogue and find a Diesel watch that fits your taste.