Diamond Tennis Bracelets


What is the Origin of Diamond Tennis Bracelets?

If you are buying a piece of jewellery, you should do some prior research beforehand and know what you will be getting. Shopping diamond tennis bracelets is no exception. And while the choices may not be as overwhelming as compared to purchasing an engagement or a wedding ring, you still have to be picky and cautious as you shop for diamond tennis bracelets in order to get the best deal out there.

History of Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Have you ever wondered why a tennis bracelet is called as such? Diamond tennis bracelets make use of small diamonds in order to create a single bracelet. It was called tennis bracelets because of a tennis star's jewellery malfunction. During the 1987 U.S. Open, tennis champion Chris Evert was in the middle of playing a tough match.

Right during the middle of the match, she requested to stop the game because the diamond bracelet she was wearing at the time unclasped. It was a line diamond bracelet designed by George Bedewi. The tennis superstar asked for a time out in order to search for the missing diamond bracelet. Hence, the term diamond tennis bracelet was born. The form of a diamond tennis bracelet is very lightweight and flexible, which makes it the perfect piece of jewellery to wear if you are playing an active sport such as tennis.

When shopping around for a tennis bracelet, you should avoid the error that Chris Evert made. The former no. 1 women's champion was wearing a diamond tennis bracelet that did not have a safety clasp, causing it to fall off its wearer. Make sure that the diamond tennis bracelet you purchase has a secure clasp in it, to avoid losing the bracelet while on the go.

Where to Shop for Diamond Tennis Bracelets

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