Diamond Eternity Rings


A Guide to Buying Diamond Eternity Rings

Before you even research online, you need to set a budget when shopping for diamond eternity rings right off the bat. Some diamond eternity rings will cost you a fortune, while others will fit in into a somewhat modest budget. Deciding how much you are willing to shell out will definitely get you started on the right foot.

The 4 C's When Buying Diamond Eternity Rings

Once you have a budget set in mind, you need to stick with it and then learn about the 4 C's of diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America has a rating system which studies a diamond's quality. This is what is referred to as The Four C.


This is the most important characteristic when it comes to determining the beauty of diamond eternity rings. A well-cut diamond has perfect proportions, precise shape of its facets, and brilliance. Unfortunately, more often than not, shoppers would place more importance on the size of the diamond eternity rings rather than their cuts. Here are the qualities of diamond eternity rings that have a great cut:

  • The proportion of each facet of the diamond
  • The symmetry and precision of the cut
  • The polish and lustre of the diamond stone's surface

The clarity of diamond eternity rings is based on the number of its flaws and blemishes when magnified. The rating for this category will be based on the imperfection diamond eternity rings have, from being flawless to having natural defects.


This is the weight of the diamond in your diamond eternity rings. It is measured in carats. Keep in mind when shopping for diamond eternity rings that as the carat weight in your diamond eternity rings increases, so does their rarity.


Choosing the right colour when shopping for diamond eternity rings is based on a personal preference. The colour is graded based on the Gemological Institute of America's 12-letter scale of D to Z, with D considered as being the most valuable of them all. The best colour for diamond eternity rings is having no colour at all. A 100% colourless diamond will make it possible for the light to pass through the stone quite easily, which results to this light dispersing every colour of the rainbow.

With these in mind, shopping is now made easier now that you already know what to look for when it comes to shopping for diamond eternity rings online. Check out Ice Jewellery Australia today for our wide selection of diamond eternity rings!