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The Classic and Elegant Daniel Wellington NATO Watches

The creation of the Daniel Wellington line of watches started with an unplanned meeting of its founder Filip Tysander and a British man named Daniel Wellington who is fond of wearing his classic timepiece on worn out NATO straps. The latter inspired Filip to open his own brand of watch that is of minimalist look yet does not compromise the sophistication it brings. Coming up with an elegant design – thin, round, minimal – that goes well with interchangeable differently coloured NATO straps, Daniel Wellington watches brought wristwatch designs to a whole new level.

The Origin of NATO Straps

The phrase NATO Strap was first used when the Strap, Wrist Watch were introduced by the British Ministry of Defence Standard 66-15 in the year 1973. NATO was actually a condensed form of the term NATO Stocking Number (NSN) that goes with the service management code for (1) army and navy or for (2) Royal Air Force. The military personnel must first fill out the G1098 form before the item (which at that time only comes in grey) containing appropriate codes and specifications will be issued to them. It is also interesting to note that NATO straps are also called G10 straps, which some purists arguably claim that the latter is the more appropriate term.

Experience a 2-in-1 Watch with Daniel Wellington NATO Watches

Have you ever seen a watch that perfectly mixed the classic and modern-day fashion? This is where Daniel Wellington have its upper hand – the combination of elegance and the avant-garde style in just one watch. Thus, it captures the heart of those who love to wear the classic and at the same time want to be in the now.

Daniel Wellington NATO Watches: Your Everyday Watch

It is undeniable that the neat and refined design of the Daniel Wellington NATO watches sets it apart from its counterparts. The minimalist look without complicated features makes it perfect for your everyday use. It matches well with any clothes you’d like to put on or whatever your fashion statement is. Moreover, you can wear it on different occasions – whether you are out to party, take a walk, go travel, shop, enjoy at the beach, go to work or school or even stay at the comfort of your home.

The Watch That Suits Your Mood

Just when you are utterly convinced with the state of the art design of Daniel Wellington NATO watches, you’ll learn that these NATO straps are interchangeable. Yes, you can buy several coloured straps that suits your taste then wear them on different days. It’s like having lots of chic and elegant watch with a lesser price. With Daniel Wellington NATO watches, you can wear a watch that will definitely suit you changing moods!

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