Daniel Wellington Leather Watches


Get Classy, Classic, or Dapper with Daniel Wellington Leather Watches

Leather watches are timeless work of art that proved its place in the fashion industry. It has come a long way since it was first used but Daniel Wellington watches took the leather watches up a notch by making the leather straps interchangeable to suit the changing moods and fashion sense of its wearer. With the sleek and elegant design of the watch, everybody that will see you wearing it will definitely want to have one.

Experience Timeless Leather Watches with Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington genuine leather watches have the minimalist design yet a striking outlook that will appear good with any outfit you are wearing or any occasion you are to be. The traditional leather straps coupled with the elegant design of Daniel Wellington’s watch faces just prove that it is indeed your perfect everyday companion. The most essential part for classic leather watch-lovers is the fact that the leather straps they are fond of are interchangeable. Hence, you’ll get to be well put together effortlessly with these iconic leather watches by Daniel Wellington.

The Classy Collection of Daniel Wellington Leather Watches for Her

Since Filip Tysander, the founder of Daniel Wellington line of watches, is after the elegance with a minimalist outlook, the classy collection exhibits this aspiration well. The 26 mm case size contains the watch face that has Swarovski crystals as time markers which definitely add to the femininity of the design. The Swarovski details definitely match well with the leather straps that blend the sparkle of the watch into pure sophistication.

The Classic Collection of Daniel Wellington Leather Watches

The Classics will definitely love the Classic collection of Daniel Wellington leather watches for it comes in silver or rose gold case with minimalist watch faces that maintain its timeless vibe. For the modern classics who want to be in the now and at the same time use the understated timepiece, the Classic Black collection suits them perfectly.

The Dapper Collection of Daniel Wellington Leather Watches

Another refined timepiece full of sophistication in its profile is the Dapper Collection of Daniel Wellington watches. It is imbued with elegant details such as the deep blue hands, roman numerals, and the only collection with date display. The Dapper is definitely an effortless watch that is perfect for all ages, fashion sense, season or place.

With your own choice of genuine leather straps that can be replaced depending on your mood, you’ll certainly enjoy this stylish and elegant Daniel Wellington leather watches. Nonetheless, when buying genuine products such as Daniel Wellington leather watches, trust only Ice Online Australia. Make the most of your online shopping experience with our guaranteed services. Browse our online catalogue now!

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